October 16, 2021

Bright Future For The Saints

With the NFL season still 4 months away, the New Orleans Saints have broken all their season ticket sales records for the 2006-07 season. But is there a reason for the city to be so optimistic? We think so. First of all, they have a new head coach, Sean Payton, who is coming to them from Dallas where he learned all the head coaching tricks and techniques from Bill Parcells. Let’s not forget, Payton was the offensive coordinator for the NY Giants and helped lead them to a Super Bowl.

Second, they went out and got a GOOD QB. Now, how soon Drew Brees recovers from his shoulder injury could impact the season, especially if its weeks and weeks that he misses. Brees has had a stellar couple of years recently, and fully intends to continue that trend in the Big Easy.

Finally, Reggie Bush. Need I say more? Arguably the most “electrifying” player in the 2006 draft (I’m still betting on Super Mario making a big splash) is coming to town to try and help rebuild a franchise and perhaps a city. He has skills, S-K-I-L-L-S, and personality. Bush brings excitement and a winning attitude, something he probably picked up during his days with the Trojans.

With more than a few dark days in recent history, both on the field and off, the Saints actually have a reason to think tomorrow may be better than yesterday. Same goes for the city itself.

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