November 28, 2021

Barry Bonds Two Away – So What!

I was really hoping this day wouldn’t come, but the train is coming down the tracks very quickly.  Barry Bonds currently has 712 home runs and needs two to tie Babe Ruth and three to pass the ultra legend.  The man is one helluva a baseball player and always has been well before the steroids era.  I know there will always be a huge cloud over all the records Bonds will or has achieved due to roids, but I hope more than anything else people remember the magnitude of his awful personality.  Barry is an absolute 100% A-HOLE and no matter what he does I will always tell my kids that he was VERY overrated and not worth his salt.


  1. […] All the talk in the baseball world has been about Barry Bonds and his attempt to pass Babe Ruth’s home run record.  Stonecoldjz hit on this earlier in the week, and for the most part, I agree with him.  Let’s forget about the fact that it’s not even the MLB record.  Instead, let’s talk about the ball itself.  MLB has made it crystal clear they have no intentions of making a big deal about it if and when Bonds passes Babe Ruth.  As a matter of fact, until today, there were no plans to even put special markings on the ball to verify it’s authenticity.  But Bob DuPuy, MLB’s chief operating officer, decided there was no good reason not to add the markings to the ball.  So today, a shipment of balls will arrive in Philadelphia and the officials will use the balls when Barry comes to the plate. […]

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