August 3, 2021

Barbaro Injured at Preakness

barbaroAs an animal lover, it breaks my heart every time I see the video of Barbaro breaking his leg on Sat. during his attempt to win the second leg of the Triple Crown. The leg was broken in two places, both above and below the ankle on the right rear leg. As it looks now, the injury may be severe enough that it could be life threatening, depending on whether or not the blood flow to that leg has been permanently damaged. I certainly hope that’s not the case. What is certain is that Barbaro has run his last race. Previously undefeated, he will no longer be able to race and the trainers and vets are saying that a best case scenario is to use him to breed other horses. The injury cast a long shadow over the winner of the Preakness, Bernardini. We will keep you updated on Barbaro’s status.

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