September 19, 2021

Why Kobe Why?

I really hate the fact that Kobe is a jerk. I hate the fact that the sports world caters to him. I hate the fact that kids look up to him and he is a role model for them. I hate the fact that I can’t pull for him. But that’s the way it is, and it’s a shame. Kobe makes everything on the basketball court look so easy, with his game ending performance today against the Suns being his latest example. We won’t get into the events leading up to the final shot, because I have a WHOLE other set of opinions about that. Kobe once again took the game into his hands and hit another game winner with 2 hands in his face. Never any doubt.

This season, Kobe Bryant has carried this team. Sometimes he loaded them up in a sack, tossed it over his shoulder and literally carried them. How else can you explain this season? The Lakers were predicted to be the joke of the Western Conference. With a few “projects” and a few “WHO did you say is starting?” players, Phil Jackson and Kobe pulled them together and put together a winning season. In fact, they were good enough to earn a spot in the playoffs. The are currently on the verge of sending the Suns home for the summer, up 3 -1 in the series.  Great basketball players give you the option of having an otherwise marginal team.

Being such a basketball fan, it would make my life so much easier if that summer in Colorado a few years ago never happened. I would SO enjoy pulling for the Lakers and Kobe Bryant. But as it stands, I will never pull for them, and hope they have a historic meltdown vs. the Suns. But it won’t happen. Kobe is too good. Never any doubt.

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