October 16, 2021

Temper, Temper, Temper!

Delmon Young, outfielder for the Durham Bulls, decided he had had enough on Wed. night. When called out on strikes (the nerve of an umpire to do that!), Young threw the bat at the umpire. Seriously. What in the world could be going through your mind to make you want to do something like that. Young is one of the better minor league players, as he was the first pick in the draft in 2003 and won the Baseball America minor league player of the year in 2005. His older brother is Dmitri Young of the Detroit Tigers. Now, I know what you’re thinking…it was a replacement ump….a scab (the regular minor league officials are on strike…nothing good ever comes from strikes). BS! You throw a bat at someone, you should have charges brought against you and you should be suspended for the very minimum of a year, maybe even two. The spoiled brats are going to have to get it into their tiny little minds that you DON’T rule the world and that the world DOESN’T cater to you and only you. Throw the book at him!

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