September 19, 2021

NFL Draft Winner #1: San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers made out like a bandit in this draft. First things first, Vernon Davis is going to give young QB Alex Smith49ers a real target that has the speed to get out and make things happen once he gets his hands on the ball. And once you catch him, you have to actually tackle him, which is another chore. He is a future Pro Bowler in my opinion.

Later in the first round, SF drafted Manny Lawson. As I am sure you have picked up reading this blog, I am one of the biggest NC State fans you will ever find. But I do hope I am being objective when I say that when Manny makes the switch to linebacker in the 3-4 defense, he is going to get a few licks in on opposing QBs. Manny is a little on the thin side for a DE, which is why he will probably move to the LB position, but he is also fast enough to run down and catch most WRs from behind. 4.43 speed is ridiculous for someone his size. He’s also a brilliant kid. If I’m not mistaken, he was an engineering major at NC State. Another good pick.

Next, they drafted 2 wideouts, one being Michael Robinson, the converted QB from Penn State. The guy is a playmaker and given a little time to make the transition to a new position, he should be quite a pick up. Parys Haralson from Tennessee is another DE who made quite a name for himself in college and should be in contention for playing time this coming year with the 49ers.

Oh yeah, can’t forget Marcus Hudson, yet another Wolfpacker, who the Niners picked up int the 6th round. Hudson is a big, physical guy in the secondary, who played just about every position back there during his stint in Raleigh. Good job Mike Nolan and the rest of the staff!

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