July 28, 2021

Most Ignorant Article of the Day (So Far)

I came across this gem of an “article” this evening. I don’t know what this guy has been doing the past few years, or where he has been, but let me sum up the article with one of his points:

4. When Reggie drives off in his Escalade, emblematic of MVP in the Super Bowl, while Houston improves to 8-8 with their fine young defensive end, there may be regret in the Texan offices.

Superbowl? Seriously? I don’t see how anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can think that Reggie “I Walk On Water” Bush is the final piece to the Saints Superbowl run. No doubt, Bush is a fantastic player, but there is a reason that most scouts had the top two picks in this years draft ranked 1 and 1a. But I guess that’s why this clown is writing for a newspaper, and not roaming the sidelines or sitting behind a desk in some front office.

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