November 28, 2021

Leinart’s Bad Luck?

Don’t let all the camera shots and pity plays for Matt Leinart fool you. He has “fallen” into a goldmine. Yeah, he would have been the #1 overall pick last year had he come out, and this year he is the 10th. But look what he has “settled” for. A S-T-U-D running back behind him in Edgerrin James. Two, count ’em TWO, great wide receivers in Fitzgerald and Boldin. And a players coach in Dennis Green. Not to mention, the weather and general climate aren’t that far from what he was used to in SoCal. Toss in a new stadium, and you have the recipe for success. Matt can probably count his blessings a few years from now that he has fallen to this position. The Cardinals are being rebuilt and retooled for WINNING, and they have the quarterback who can lead them there now. While I got a little tired of hearing “USC, USC, USC” all season, I do like Leinart, and think he has heart. I’ll be pulling for him.

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