November 28, 2021

Sam Hurd Clipped Again

Former Chicago Bears wide receiver

ESPN – Former NFL wide receiver Sam Hurd has been arrested in San Antonio after federal officials say he tested positive for marijuana use.  Using illegal drugs would violate the terms of Hurd’s $100,000 bond that kept him free pending his federal drug conspiracy trial.  That trial was to have begun in Dallas on Monday but has been postponed until Oct. 9.

Seriously, is this really surprising?  It won’t be long until Hurd is in the clink for a very very long time. Do you think he’s going to go live it up visiting Stonehenge or bungee jumping off a bridge in order to check things off his bucket list?  No way, he’s gonna get high as a hippy in a helicopter and make time move real slow while he awaits his fate.  I can imagine he has been sitting around puffing and playing himself in Madden 11 just waiting for the reaper.  Some folks never learn.

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