June 15, 2024

It’s Here! It’s Really Here! Well Almost!

Fore score and 6 months and 5 days ago we watched the last televised football game of of any consequence.  That makes this Thursday so stupendous because it brings us the first nationally televised football game since the Super Bowl on February 6th. Take a deep breath though since it is only preseason and we will have to endure 4 weeks of meaningless scrums before the real thing begins in 28 days. Then on September 8th we will get to enjoy a game at Lambeau pitting the last two Super Bowl Champs Saints and Packers against each other.

This year it is more than preseason though because it is the end of a long battle between NFL owners and players. The time has come to study long and hard on who you want to take in the 12th round of your fantasy football draft and to determine if this is the year you upgrade your television for your NFL watching enjoyment. In the last three weeks there has been a whirlwind of free-agent signings and looking forward there is a strong possibility of injuries which should lead to a wild and wacky season. It’s almost time to defrost the frozen potato skins, DiGiorno pizzas and buffalo wings because it’s time for FOOTBALL!

Thursday 8/11
Jax @ NE 7:30 PM EST
Balt @ (Dream Team) aka Philly 7:30 PM EST
Seat @ SD 8:00 PM EST on ESPN
Den @ Dall 8:30 PM EST
Ari @ Oak 10:00 PM EST