September 20, 2021

College Basketball Bet of the Day – April 4th, 2011

Tonight is the NCAA men’s basketball championship and for the first time ever we have two teams with dog mascots facing each other in the finale. Butler was in this game last year and took Duke to the final buzzer, but fell a bit short. Tonight Butler finds redemption and not only covers, but wins the game. Good luck!

Butler +3.5

Overall Record:

College Basketball 53-43-2 (2011) 316-245-11 (overall)
NBA 6-1-1 (2011) 75-56-1 (overall)
NHL 4-4 (2011) 5-8 (overall)
MLB 159-117-5 (overall)
College Football 3-1 (2011) 172-129-4 (overall)
NFL 1-1 (2011) 161-115-7 (overall)

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