September 20, 2021

Cleveland Cavaliers Hit Rock Bottom

The Cleveland Cavaliers broke their own historic mark last night, after losing to the Dallas Mavericks 99-96. The Cavs have now lost 25 games in a row surpassing their very own previous NBA losing streak record of 24 losses set in the early 80’s. Cleveland was very close last night, but ultimately blew it in typical fashion. The Cavs trailed by three points with 10 seconds to go and forced a Mavericks turnover that allowed them a chance to tie the game. Instead of calling a timeout in order to set up a play, Anthony Parker jacked up a three-pointer that clanged off the front rim. Cleveland got the rebound, but Antawn Jamison and Jamario Moon didn’t know how much time was left and time expired without another shot.

The outcome produced a number of different reactions. Head coach Byron Scott had a cynical smile. Boobie Gibson had a lifeless expression on his face. Jamison sneered, then had a twisted smile as well. At the same time Jack Daniels was offered up as an in-game commercial during the Mavericks’ broadcast. Oddly enough alcohol is probably the only way Cavaliers fans can handle this abysmal season.

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