August 10, 2022

We Have Some NFL Games to Watch

The NFL has turned out to be a version of Storage Wars or a Forrest Gump box o’ chocolates because you just don’t know what you are gonna get. I mean who would have thought that Seattle would beat the reigning NFL champs and who believed that Green Bay would beat Mike Vick and Philly last weekend? This past weekend we had the Packers and Jets go on the road for the second consecutive and week win outright.

Now this upcoming weekend we have the oldest rivalry in all of the NFL between the Packers and Bears who will battle for a birth to the Super Bowl. This will be the third straight road game in the Playoffs for Green Bay. The New York Jets will also play in their third straight road game at Pittsburgh. I will give you my predictions later this week, but no matter who wins in either game we should have an exciting match-up for Super Bowl XLV.