September 27, 2021

College Basketball Talent Continues to Decline

Has anyone sat back and thought about what could be going on these days in college basketball if the players actually stayed for an entire four years? This year’s preseason AP All-American team could be: Guard John Wall (Sophomore), Guard Tyreke Evans (Junior), Guard Derrick Rose (Senior), Forward DeMarcus Cousins (Sophomore), Forward Blake Griffin (Senior). The talent doesn’t drop much at all when you think about who could be on the second team: Guard Eric Gordon (Senior), Guard OJ Mayo (Senior), Forward Derrick Favors (Sophomore), Forward Evan Turner (Senior), Forward Michael Beasley (Senior). By no means is it the kids fault for jumping ship in order to make the cabbage, but it is diluting the college product more and more. I am still a HUGE college basketball fan, but take a look at who is on this year’s AP All-American Team.

Kyle Singler (Duke)
Jimmer Fredette (BYU)
Jacob Pullen (K State)
Harrison Barnes (UNC)
JaJuan Johnson (Purdue)

When Harrison Barnes is the second most well-known name on the team you know NCAA basketball is feeling the pinch. Barnes has a chance to be a lottery pick, but after Barnes the other four are by no means a guarantee. Singler will probably be a lottery pick, but it doesn’t seem many of the scouts see him as a “game changer” at the next level.

By no means am I hating on the game of college basketball rather I’m pointing out things need to change in order to keep the talent around a little longer.

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