September 27, 2021

Troy Polamalu’s Hair Insured

Have you ever wondered how much Troy Polamalu’s hair is worth? I personally haven’t, but I have pontificated on how long it might take for him to wash and dry the over-sized French poodle that resides on his head. If you have actually speculated whether Troy’s locks were worth some scratch you don’t need to question anymore. Head and Shoulders has taken out a $1 million insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London for Polamalu’s hair. In reality Troy’s hair is actually worth more than a million because he has probably been paid quite well for his role in all of the Head and Shoulders commercials we are hearing/seeing these days.

While you might think the insurance policy is over the top this type of things happens all the time. Tom Jones chest hair is insured for $7 million, Heidi Klum’s legs $2.2 million, and Jennifer Lopez’s caboose is insured for an astounding $27 million.

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