September 20, 2021

How good is Green Bay?

Are you kidding me? I watched their preseason NFL game last night against the Colts which by no surprise was in front of a sold out crowd at Lambeau Field. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers dropped 59 Points on Indy and looked stellar.

Is this something we can look forward to in all the NFL games this year? Has this turned into a 7-on-7 game?

Yes I know it is freaking preseason, but the game between Indy and Green Bay was a joy to watch. If you didn’t watch the shootout then I can only guess you were watching Snookie get arrested? I mean football is almost here and the third week is when you really get to see the starters play for at least a half so make sure you enjoy the rest of the games this weekend.

What a great time of year! Fantasy drafts are taking place, NCAA football is less than a week away and the NFL regular season is just two weeks ago.

This is why we endure the 100% humidity through the summer in order to reach the fall and football baby!

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