June 15, 2024

The Best Week in Sports

This is probably the best week of the year in sports and we are very excited for the outcome of The Masters this weekend.

Here is what we have had in sports just since Monday.

Duke beats Butler in one of the greatest National Championships in recent memory. Sure there was the Kansas and Memphis game 2 years ago that went to overtime, but this game provided us a Hoosiers like feeling. Butler practices and plays their games in the arena which Hoosiers was filmed. The campus is only 6 miles from the arena where the Final Four was played and even though they are a mid-major they beat giants like Syracuse and Michigan State on its way to the final game against Duke. The epic story and run through the tournament was only seconds away from having a happy ending, but the Blue Devils sqaushed the dream and the memories of the Butler Bulldogs.

On the same day of the National Championship we had the real Opening Day of MLB.  Spring is officially here so we can all wear white shoes and/or pants for the next five months.  My prediction for the World Series is an exact repeat of last year between the NY Yankees versus the Philadelphia Phillies.

Also on Monday, Tiger Woods made his much anticipated press conference at The Masters. If you don’t think Tiger commands an audience and that the PGA doesn’t need Tiger then consider the fact that the 32-minute press conference garnered 23 million viewers. The Golf Channel’s coverage of live PGA golf in 2010 has only attracted 18 million total which is hard to fathom.

When Tuesday came around the greatest women’s basketball team EVER came from behind to beat Stanford in the women’s National Championship. The Lady Huskies have now won two championships and 78-games in a row.

Now as we roll into Wednesday we are excited for The Masters which is the greatest golf spectacle of the year.  I think Paul Casey wins this year and it very well could be a clean sweep by the Europeans in the Major’s this year.

So, make sure to stop by your local liquor store and enjoy the weekend’s festivities. It truly is the best week of the year!