April 14, 2024

Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant Winner

Howard Stern’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant is over and the winner is none other than mistress #4 Jamie Jungers. Jamie Jungers won the pageant rather easily over Jaimee Grubbs and Loredana Jolie. Jungers raked in $75,000 in cash along with an exquisite black diamond ring and was so happy with the results she took time to thank God, her family and even her little dog Apple. Grubbs won $15,000 for second place and Jolie won $10,000 for participating in the “beauty pageant.” Below are some of the highlights from the big event.

– El Tiger didn’t use rubbers with Jungers for the 18 months he was with her. Tiger’s nickname for Jungers was “Jamie Juicers” and I’m sure your imagination can figure that out.

– Tiger flew Jamie Jungers in coach when he wanted her to meet up with him. One would think when you are a billionaire you might splurge a little.

– Tiger asked Jungers about a three-some and she told him she would entertain the idea “if your wife is involved” so Tiger never brought it up again.

– Jolie said Tiger was “very into role playing” so he would put his best suit on and have several foreign naked chicks hang out with them in a hotel room and order them to do things.

– Jolie also said she dated Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan and neither was as large as Tiger.

– Jaimie Grubbs was up last and she confessed that she and Tiger had sex two days after the birth of one of his kids.

– Grubbs was the only one of the three mistresses that didn’t know Tiger was married when she met him.

– Grubbs truly felt that he would leave Elin for her once she found out he was married and all this went down when she was 21 years-old.