June 15, 2024

The Pro Bowl Has Lost It’s Luster

Are you getting amped up in anticipation for the Pro Bowl next Sunday in Miami? I didn’t think so and really why should you? Let’s face it when Vince Young is named to the AFC roster you know it has become a complete joke. I’m not saying Young isn’t a good quarterback because he did help turn around the Titans season, but he shouldn’t be at the Pro Bowl. Vince had 10 touchdown passes on the season to go along with 7 interceptions and Jason Campbell had a higher QB rating than him. Uggh!

No Philip Rivers, no Tom Brady and no Ben Roethlisberger plus Larry Fitzgerlad has pulled out to only be replaced by New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith, who basically disappeared the second half of the season. As a fan, I like the idea of all-star games, but I’m starting to understand that the NFL’s version is just generic. It’s being played now at the wrong time of the year and this year is won’t be in Hawaii so the paradise destination is no longer attached to it. By moving the game up a couple of weeks, the NFL is robbing me the luxury of watching any of the Super Bowl players because not one of them will participate. I understand players will pull out due to injuries and I get it that players like Brett Favre, if he is available after this Sunday, will turn down the invite yet it used to be fun. Yes, the game is lax, the rules are made for points to be put up and the players themselves do everything they can to not get injured, but it was fun. It’s nice to watch the league’s best players play one more game before we lose football totally until late August. Not this year. We will instead watch a lot of second tier guys take the field in Miami without the colorful sideline gear we are used to seeing in Hawaii. Roger, I’m begging you to wise up and move this game back to Hawaii the week after the Super Bowl or