October 20, 2021

I’m Fed Up With KG

Has anyone else observed Kevin Garnett excessively hooting and hollering from the sidelines during the Celtics and Bulls series? It is one thing when he would taunt and bark at other players while healthy and on the court, but now he is off the chain from the sidelines. KG is constantly flapping his gums and making ridiculous mad faces from the bench and I have become more frustrated each game with his antics. Last night though I finally had enough of Garnett after Rondo’s questionable foul at the end of the Game 5 on Brad Miller. Miller ended up bloody and seemed quite dazed from the hard foul, but he still had to try and gather himself in order to shoot two free throws. The Bulls were down by two with two seconds left and not surprisingly Miller missed the first free throw. Garnett saw this as an opportunity to yell at the top of his lungs that Miller is a choker and of course he included every four letter word in the book during his tirade.

Kevin Garnett

KG might want to take a step back and think about the fact the Bulls lost as many games this year as they one yet they are giving the Celtics a whale of a series. Secondly, he might want to think about the fact Miller probably saw stars rotating around the basket due to Rondo’s foul. I think it would be great if Garnett would quit showing his a$$ and instead sit on it for the rest of the Playoffs because he is really tarnishing his image. I’m done with him already, but others are sure to follow suit if he continues his moronic ways!

Kevin Garnett

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