October 27, 2021

Sean Williams Needs Help

He needs help soon because he just keeps doing dumber and dumber things. Earlier this year the New Jersey Nets forward went back to Chestnut Hill in order to watch BC ball against Duke. However, he forgot about a restraining order that prevented him from being on the campus. Williams was kicked off the Golden Eagles team back in 2007 and then banned from the campus totally last year. Well, yesterday he went to a whole new level. Sean Williams got into an argument with a clerk at a cell phone store and literally went loco. Williams supposedly picked up a computer monitor and threw it and then went on to destroy a printer along with some other equipment totalling $1,300. He spent the rest of the day in jail and missed the Nets game last night. I know the customer service is generally bad at your local cell phone kiosque, but do you need to get all gangsta Sean?

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