October 27, 2021

How far can ODU go?

There are 8 games in the NCAA tournament over the next 2 days and none bigger than the James Madison vs Old Dominion barn burner in the College Insider Tourney.

Think of it this way.. when either of these teams win tonight they could actually be playing longer than a 1,2 or 3 seed in the NCAA Tourney.

This is like during the Bowl season you have this side Bowl season where the other 60 teams who were 5-6 or worse get a chance to extend their schedule.

Isnt the NCAA and the NIT enough? Do we have to have this CI Classic being played where you cant even watch it on TV.  In an era when the DII Womens Final Eight is on TV this ‘classic’ is not even being televised. And how ‘classic’ is it?

Anyway.. I gave the 6.5 and took ODU along with:

*****Nova +2

Purdue +7.5

Pitt -7

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