October 27, 2021

StonecoldJZ’s Sound Off

Charlie Weis

* Lane Kiffin is the new coach at Tennessee University. I can’t believe any footballl team would want to hire Kiffin after Al Davis so eloquently pointed out all Lane’s flaws on the overhead projector a few weeks ago. 😉

* Stephon Marbury has been suspended one game and fined $400,000 by the Knicks for refusing to play the other night when New York only had 8 active players. It’s clear Starbury is going to do all he can to get his full contract and probably in the end he will get it. The scarier thing to me is that some NBA team will pick Marbury up as soon as he is let go.

* Boise State is going to get the shaft by the BCS bowl process because Utah is also undefeated and will get the at-large bid. This will be yet another example of why there needs to be playoffs in college football, but we all know it won’t happen anytime soon. Do the Yuckeyes get in?

* Iverson skipped practice on Thanksgiving day and is now apologizing for his absence. Practice? We talking about practice?

* Charlie Weis is on the hot seat in South Bend and some say tomorrow’s game against USC could be the deciding factor. Why? We know he is going to lose and if he does get blown out by 30 or more then that is the reason you want to fire him? For some reason I don’t believe this media hype and when it is all said and done Charlie is back with Notre Dame next year. He doesn’t necessarily deserve to come back, but I can’t see Notre Dame flushing $10 million down the toilet for his buy-out.

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