September 29, 2023

BS Belichick/New England Patriots Justice Served


I ranted yesterday about the classless way Bill Belichick handled the fact he got caught cheating against the New York Jets this past weekend. Today Roger Goodell responded that no one will break the rules under his watch with his ruling on this situation. Belichick was fined $500k (I F’in love it) and the Patriots were fined $250k for taping the New York Jets sideline. While the $250k does nothing to the Patriots bank account the half a mizzil hits the wallet of Belichick who deserves the smackdown anyway. The Patriots will also lose a first round pick if they make the playoffs (highly likely) and a second and third round pick if they don’t. I’m personally done with this topic now because Goodell is the man and handled this situation properly.


  1. angelhipster says

    StoneCold, you are right Goodell is the man! Belichick was as usual an arrogant ass even though he was caught red handed cheating. If he came out and apologized or did something, I might of felt differently. I think the only thing that I would of done differently is suspended Belichick for a game or two as well.

  2. I cant wait to hear what Stephon Marbury has to say about this..

  3. Love the spirit angelhipster. We are definitely on the same page on this topic.