October 24, 2021

College Football AP Poll Quips

The official pre-season poll is out and we thought it was a good idea to review the poll and provide our thoughts.

1. USC (62) 0-0 1,622AGREE – 3 out of the last 4 years USC has been in this position and twice they headed into their BCS game as the #1 team in the country. I think this will be another year they finish #1 and they will win the BCS National Championship game.
2. LSU (2) 0-0 1,511DISAGREE – I understand that Matt Flynn is an excellent quarterback, but Russell will be missed and LSU takes a step back this year. They lose two games so no BCS game this year for them.
3. West Virginia (1) 0-0 1,396AGREE – Two Heisman hopefuls in Slaton and White will have Morgantown in a frenzy all year. West Virginia will get by Louisville at home and waltz into a BCS game.
4. Texas 0-0 1,375UNSURE – Colt McCoy is the real deal, but the Big 12 is very solid this year. I think 4th in the country is too high, but I could be wrong.
5. Michigan 0-0 1,371AGREE – Lloyd Carr gets the monkey off his back this year due to stud seniors Hart and Henne. This could be the BCS National Championship team this year.
6. Florida 0-0 1,276DISAGREE – Dream season last year quickly comes down to earth this season. They will lose at least two games and will not participate in the BCS.
7. Wisconsin 0-0 1,192DISAGREE – Tough schedule plus the loss of key offensive players will keep the Badgers out of the top 10.
8. Oklahoma 0-0 1,166AGREE – Stoops never ceases to amaze so I can’t disagree.
9. Virginia Tech 0-0 1,148DISAGREE – Virginia Tech is a BCS team and could finish in the top 5.
10. Louisville 0-0 1,031DISAGREE – Bobby Petrino will be sorely missed, but Brian Brohm will be a joy to watch.
11. Ohio State 0-0 876DISAGREE – Too much talent departed from last year for even the Buckeyes to reload properly.
12. California 0-0 790AGREE – Tedford is an excellent coach and the PAC-10 is strong this year.
13. Georgia 0-0 782UNSURE – There is always high expectations in Athens, but not much follow through from the Bulldogs in recent years.
14. UCLA 0-0 605AGREE – The Bruins return TONS of starters from a very good team last year.
15. Tennessee 0-0 571DISAGREE – Is this team really a contender anymore?
16. Rutgers 0-0 560DISAGREE – Ray Rice is a great running break, but that won’t lead to another dream season like last year.
17. Penn State 0-0 542UNSURE – This is one of the most boring college football teams in the history of the game so I just don’t know much about them.
18. Auburn 0-0 519AGREE – These guys only have four games on the road this year. FOUR!
19. Florida State 0-0 392AGREE – Last year’s poor performance will be on the Seminoles mind and should be a driving force towards a much better season this year.
20. Nebraska 0-0 377DISAGREE – Bill Callahan sux and games at Colorado, Texas, Missouri and USC @ home lead to a recipe for disaster.
21. Arkansas 0-0 376AGREE – Heisman winner McFadden and another stud Felix Jones make the Hogs an exciting team.
22. TCU 0-0 283AGREE – Excellent defense and a steady offense have made TCU a consistent force over the last few years.
23. Hawaii 0-0 256AGREE – This team will embarass many teams this year and could go through the regular season undefeated.
24. Boise State 0-0 187AGREE – Weak schedule and their only loss will come to Hawaii so they are a top 25 team.
25. Texas A&M 0-0 162UNSURE – This team is top 25 caliber for sure, but games at Miami, Nebraska, and Oklahoma will make things difficult. FYI If you haven’t seen Jorvorskie Lane run yet you need to make a point to do so this year.


  1. first of all there shouldn’t be a poll at this time. Secondly Boise State should be Top 15 if not Top 10. Didn’t they beat Oklahoma last year? Hmmm Ok is #8 and losing their best back they have had since Elvis Peacock and all Boise lost was a QB who was shaky at best. I am not a big Vols fan but I remember watching a complete ass kicking over Georgia last year and the Bulldogs are ranked higher. And then there is Hawaii.. those games against Charleston Southern and Northern Colorado in Honolulu of course are well deserving of a #23 rank ahead of the Broncos who went 13-0 last year and went to a BCS game .. oh and WON!BTW: whos not in the top 25? Holy Lord it’s the Irish.

    Here is my pick for the National Championship Game.

    OK all you Lloyd Carr haters.. this year is redemption.. Top 5 QB, RB and WR in the country to go along with an always steller D..first they have to get by their home opener DII Back to Back Champ Appalachian State, then Oregon, ND and Penn State in their first 4 games all at home. They play only 4 on the road (Northwestern, Ill, Mich St.) so they get OSU, Purdue and Minn as well as Eastern Mich in the Big House. They will have to go to Wisconsin the week before the Buckeyes, but if they get by the Badgers they run the table.

    Michigan goes to New Orleans to play West Virgina.. thats right .. The Mountaineers.. They get a nice schedule till back to back tuff road games at sleeper South Fla then at Syracuse before they cruise into Rutgers 2 weeks after the Orangemen and then get Louisville in Morgantown to show the country that Slaton and White are the best tandem in CFA…next to Henne and Hart

  2. Great post, Jud.

    Totally agree on Ohio State, and I agree with them on Georgia. They have enough returning talent for lucky 13.

    Tennessee shouldn’t be in the top 25 at all. But I’m biased.

  3. Bruins1 – I agree there shouldn’t be a poll at this time, but there is one and probably always will be. As you know, it can also be a driving force on where a team ends up at the end of the year in the polls because of their preseason rank. I apologize, but I disagree with you about Boise State in respect to what they did last year. The fact it that was last year and I don’t see it happening again. (btw Zabranksy wasn’t a shaky QB at best) Hawaii does have a fraudulent schedule, but don’t a lot of other teams?

    I love the fact the Irish is not in the Top 25. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s nice to see we are in agreement about West Va and Michigan though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I thought you would like my thoughts on Tennessee and I don’t think you have a bias. I think they have been marginal at best for roughly the last five years. Thanks for the comment!

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