October 15, 2021

Pujols Pissed

Albert Pujols

It seems Albert Pujols is rather upset about not getting in the All-Star game last night in San Francisco. His own manager Tony LaRussa didn’t put him in the game last night with two outs and the bases loaded down 5-4. LaRussa opted to have Aaron Rowand bat for the second time in the game and he flied out to right field to end the game. Pujols said after the game, “It’s the All-Star Game. He can do what he wants.” “He does whatever he wants. If I wasn’t expecting to play, I wouldn’t have come up here.” Ouch Albert! Tony has pissed players off before…(coughing Scott Rolen)…so we will see what happens with this ordeal. I don’t think you want to piss off one of the top five players in Major League Baseball do you Tony?

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