September 28, 2021

NBA Draft 2007


NBA Draft 2007

The first pick of the NBA Draft of 2007 is Greg Oden.  This is more chalk than taking all the number one seeds in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tourney.  Kevin Durant could end up being a better player, but Portland is taking Oden and that’s the bottom line because StonecoldJZ said so!


  1. I think the lakers get a Kurt Rambis type in Nick Fazekas as well as trade for a PG as Smush and Aaron McKie have been shown the door. Also look for a blockbuster where they bring in Oneal.. Not Shaq, but Jermaine and maybe Jamal Tinsley for Lamar Odom and a #1 Pick this year and next or instead of next years pick maybe throw in Sasha Vuacic. Also look for the UCLA/Laker connection at #40 when they draft Aaron Aflalo. or they will trade up to get him giving away the #40 and #48 pix.

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