September 25, 2022

Kobe Happy With Draft Pick?

Kobe Bryant

Hell no!  I can’t imagine he is pleased with the Lakers taking a shot hungry point guard in Javaris Crittenton from Georgia Tech with their first round pick.  I actually think I heard Kobe whining from the east coast with the announcement of LA’s pick. 


  1. It is quite obvious Kobe doesnt like Farmar. Crittendon is young, but is a pure slashing point guard and at 6’4″ he is definately a kid who will improve with time. But do the Lakers and especially Kobe have time? Think this way .. last year Stonecold and others drooled over Crittendon when he came into GT so me being a hard ass Laker/Kobe loyalist actually liking this pick is amazing in itself. The Chinese kid in the second round is a sleeper, but at 6’9″ and a ball handler ..whew look at the next