September 28, 2021

Amanda Beard Playboy


Amanda Beard

This is just another friendly reminder from that Amanda Beard is currently gracing the cover of Playboy magazine.  Get your copy now!

Amanda Beard


  1. Dont get me wrong.. she has a rockin bod.. but her face is a little scary. No I wouldn’t throw her off the mattress for eatin’ crackers, but for some reason I see Hiedi Fliess face and .. ok nevermind I’ll shut up now.

  2. There is a little bit of Mr. Ed in respect to her face Bruins1, but do me one favor and skim back through the pictures posted on this site in respect to Amanda. Let’s not gripe or complain about the small things in life. 😉

  3. i was a little tired and crusty this morning. so please disregard my previous post about this piece of A&%

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