October 15, 2021

Wrestlemania 23 – All Grown Up

Wrestlemania 23

I have always been a big wrestling fan, but sometimes I am into the stories more than other times.  I have been a little out of the loop the last two years or so until recent weeks when the “McMahon vs Trump Someone’s Leaving Bald Match” was announced.  It will pit Umaga on McMahon’s side vs Bobby Lashley on Trumps side in Detroit in front of a Ford Field record crown of 80,103.  The time has arrived and my wife and I are watching the Super Bowl of wrestling with full anticipation.  I will keep you posted on each match and of course provide details on who gets their head shaved.

Aretha Franklin sang “America the Beautiful”

Money in the Bank Match: Mr. Kennedy defeated Edge, Fit Finlay, Randy Ortion, CM Punk, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and King Booker

The Great Khali defeated Kane

Chris Benoit defeated MVP to retain the US Championship

Hall of Fame Inductees 2007: Jim Ross, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Nick Bockwinkel, Mr. Fuji, The Wild Samoans, Joyce Farhat, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

The Undertaker defeated Batista to win the World Heavyweight Championship and extend his streak to 15-0 at Wrestlemania.

The ECW Originals – RVD, Sandman, Sabu and Tommy Dreamer defeated The ECW New Breed The Alpha Male, Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, Matt Striker      

Battle of the Billionaires: Bobby Lashley (Trump) defeated Umaga (McMahon) with Stonecold Steve Austin as the guest referee             Vince McMahon is now bald!!!

Lumber Jill Match: Melina defeated current Playboy covergirl Ashley  

John Cena defeated Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Championship



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