October 15, 2021

Houston Wasn’t Trying to Get a Nutt

Houston Nutt

Rumors have been swarming in Fayetteville, Arkansas for weeks that Houston Nutt was doing the wild thing with a female TV news anchor in the area. He has come out and refuted the allegations of a relationship with Donna Bragg even though Mr. Nutt was blowing up ole girl’s celly. He sent her over a thousand text messages in a six week period which seems like a lot when you are a married man!

There have also been rumors that Houston wants out of Arkansas and supposively has been looking at other coaching opportunities. All this on top of the the loss of star quarterback Mitch Mustain due to transferring and you have a mess down in Arkansas.

Mr. Nutt has decided to try and set the record straight with an open letter to the community and Razorback fans. You can read the whole letter here – Houston Nutt open letter.

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