September 19, 2021

SportsUnderground’s Dumb Ass of the Week's Dumb Ass of the WeekThis week might be a little bit of a surprise, but it really shouldn’t be if you think about it for a little bit.  The award is presented to Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards due to not living up to his personal guarantee of scoring 50 points against Portland yesterday.  Gilbert made this vow in retaliation for Portland coach Nate McMillan’s involvement with Arenas being left off the U.S. national team last summer.  Making such a guarantee isn’t very smart because it definitely will fire up the opposing team, but what makes Gilbert a DUMB ASS is the fact he mustered only 9 points against the Trail Blazers.  I really like Arenas, but to stand up and make such a bold statement and then flop that bad is flat out sad.  Gilbert please don’t do silly things like this again because you don’t want to tarnish what has been a phenomenal season to date.

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