October 15, 2021

SportsUnderground.com’s Dumb A$$ of the Week Award

Rex GrossmanThis worthy recipient didn’t necessarily do something flat out stupid this past week, but I guarantee you he is feeling like quite the Dumb A$$.  Even before the Super Bowl started people were calling Rex Grossman the worst quarterback to play in the big event.  He also had at least half of the Chicago Bears fan base calling for him to be benched for good.  If you have these things hanging over your head you sure don’t want to throw two interceptions, lose two fumbles and have just over 50 passing yards through three quarters ultimately leading to a 17-29 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.  Rex you better have nine lives or else you will not be around to play next year in Chicago.  I highly suggest you lay extremely low or get a second home outside of Chicago for the next couple of months.

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