August 3, 2021

Michael Waltrip Is In Deep Doo Doo

Michael WaltripMichael Waltrip has been docked 100 Nextel Cup driver points, his crew chief and competition director have been suspended, and his car provider has to be extremely disappointed. This all happened because jet fuel was found in his engine after Sunday’s qualifying round for the Daytona 500. Call me whacky, but adding jet fuel to your car seems like a wee bit much especially when NASCAR officials can point out when one bolt is 1/8 inch too long therefore causing some sort of advantage. I mean seriously these officials are good and they are going to figure out jet fuel and Waltrip’s team is definitely paying the price. His crew chief could be fired before week’s end and Toyota is going to do some serious bitch slapping with Waltrip after they have been embarassed in their first year on the circuit.

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