October 15, 2021

McNabb Not Happy

Donovan McNabb

I’m sorry, but I have to call bulls*$t on what I feel is a totally media hyped story rearing its ugly head these days.  If you turn on sports radio, ESPN, FOX, or other sports entities one of the lead stories is McNabb is upset with the Eagles which could lead to many new changes this coming year.  First of all, do we know McNabb is actually upset with the Eagles organization?  Secondly, Andy Reid and the Eagles are actually thinking of benching McNabb and starting Jeff Garcia next year?  I mean this is the same Jeff Garcia who couldn’t even hold a starting job in Detroit or Cleveland in recent years.  Finally, Philadelphia is actually considering starting Garcia?  Sorry, I had to say that again because to me this is complete bunk.  The only thing McNabb is mad about is the fact he had a freak injury on the sidelines and it probably kept the Philadelphia Eagles from reaching the Super Bowl as the NFC champion.  The Eagles will start McNabb next year or the SportsUnderground will spawn a new sister site dedicated solely to flowers and butterflies!!!   

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