July 28, 2021

NCAA Saves the Day


We normally hear of how the NCAA and the rules they have in place basically screw players for minor violations. Please don’t get me wrong because they overall do a great job, but we all know there have been times we didn’t agree with their decisions or thought they had no heart. Well, this story will really warm your heart and definitely shows a very positive side to the NCAA. In a nutshell, Jermareo Davidson who is a talented 6-10 forward for Alabama has endured his brother being placed on a ventilator and his girlfriend being killed in a car accident all this semester. To make things worse Jermareo was in the car with his girlfriend when the accident occurred.  Needless to say because of these tragedies his studies were falling very far behind. It appeared he was going to also have to endure missing the second half of his senior season due to poor grades. Then a director of academic services for Alabama University made coach Gottried aware of a NCAA and SEC rule that allows players to withdraw from classes and wipe the slate clean for next semester. It’s not often you hear the NCAA sparing someone from rules and regulations, but this time the rules made things just a bit better for Jamareo Davidson who is handling so much at such a young age. I tip my hat to you today NCAA.

Story: Jermareo Davidson

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