September 28, 2021

Bonds is a Beeotch!!!

Barry BondsLet me try and get this straight for all my peeps and more importantly myself. This jabroni has walked and talked like his shihite didn’t stink since he was part of the Killer Bees squad back in the days with the Pittsburgh Pirates. (reminder – he was a whopping 124 wet and wearing boots in the Steel City) He has been a menace to the media and basically a royal A-hole for his entire career, but even more so in recent years due to the recent steroids phenomenon. Bonds has been trying to defend his home run title and stature even though he has resembled Mr. Potato Head for many years.

Things seemed to have changed recently with Bond’s character because it appears not many teams want him on their squad this year. He is now personally down in Florida at the MLB winter meetings trying to pimp himself because transvestites with herpes are more wanted than his sorry A$$. It sure seems the Giants are the only team that will ultimately bring this cancer on as a player.  The reason they will torture themselves is because it’s the only way the Giants can fill their stadium in ’07. San Francisco is going to blow chunks so why not re-sign him so your fans can possibly watch Bonds break Hank Aaron’s home run record. I have only begun my Bonds tirades because I DO NOT want to watch him break the record. Stay tuned because this doesn’t even scratch the surface of my venom.


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