October 16, 2021

Torre Remains Skipper for the Yanks

Joe TorreAfter all the rumors and reports Lou Piniella or Joe Girardi will be taking over as manager of the Yankees. I would like to congratulate Joe Torre today for keeping his job as manager of the New York Yankees, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Yes he will receive $7 million dollars for the final year of his contract to lead the mighty Yankees in the 2007 season, but he still has to put up with George Steinbrenner. He is a man who hasn’t been and will never be pleased with anything and loves to point the finger at everyone except himself. Joe Torre should never have received all the blame for the falter in the playoffs this year. If you want to place blame then look no further than Brian Cashman or yourself George. You brought in the highest paid player aka Alex Rodriguez a few years back who will never fit in with New York media or the fans and also have neglected to do anything sufficient for your pitching problems. Let’s face it the rotation is equivalent in age to our current Supreme Court Justices. It is going to be an icy time next year between Torre and Steinbrenner and I just don’t think it’s fair.

Joe Torre

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