September 19, 2021’s Dumb A$$ of the Week Award's Dumbass of the Week AwardThis week it was actually a close call between Jimmie Johnson and Terrell Owens for our prestigious award. Jimmie Johnson appeared to take out Dale Earnhardt Jr. on purpose yesterday at Talladega therefore pretty much eliminating any chances of “Little E” winning the Nextel Cup. While we would love to give the award to anyone associated within the “Rainbow Warrior” entourage we can’t do it this week. Terrell “Overdose” Owens ends up taking the cake as the Dumba$$ of this week. TO after much hoopla and smack talk rolled into Philly yesterday as a Dallas Cowboy and laid an egg. Owens had no catches at halftime and ended up with 3 for 45 yards while his arch enemy Donovan McNabb went off for 354 yards and a big 38-24 win for the Philadelphia Eagles. Hat tip McNabb and thumbs down Owens.

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