September 19, 2021

Vikings Headaches Begin Again

Koren Robinson

It’s still preseason and there is already turmoil in Vikings camp. Not only big trouble for Minnesota, but even bigger trouble for Koren Robinson. K-Rob was arrested last night on suspicion of DUI when clocked at a rate of 100 mph in a 55 mph zone last night. Robinson didn’t stop immediately due to the fact he was very close to missing his 11pm curfew at Vikings camp. There is still a lot to be determined, but with all the previous drinking issues Robinson has had this could bring the worst trouble yet. He could not only be kicked out of Minnesota, but he could miss a whole year in the NFL. Koren Robinson could also be sent to jail for a year due to a previous DUI when he was with the Seattle Seahawks. This has me personally disappointed me in so many ways because just last winter things looked so bright for Koren and he signed a new deal worth a guaranteed $5.5 million. Only time will tell, but this could be the end of a real talent!

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