September 19, 2021

New York Yankees Load Up

New York YankeesGeorge Steinbrenner continues to show each year that he is not afraid to spend money to better his team. Yesterday the Yankees picked up Bobby Abreu from the Phillies along with starting pitcher Cory Lidle. The Yankees traded away four minor league players to the Phillies in return for Abreu and Lidle. New York’s need for pitching and a productive bat in their depleted outfield motivated them to take on Abreu’s hefty contract, hoping he can help them catch first-place Boston in the AL East. We have seen these big moves over recent years with the Yankees before the trade deadline, but it hasn’t paid off in a big way. I suspect come October the hopes and dreams of a World Championship for the Yankees will merely be the hope it comes in 07′ because they will not win it this year.

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