September 19, 2021

National League Bad News Bears

Things continue to look worse and worse for the National League of MLB. It has been a blue moon since the National League won a world series (8 years to be exact…I think) and they were completely ripped to shreds this year in Interleague play. They also had not won an All Star game in the last nine years (they did tie one – LOL) coming into the “game that counts” last night in Pittsburgh. Remember it counts now because the winning League gets home field advantage in the World Series. MLB wouldn’t actually give that to the team with the best record throughout the year would they??? Anyway, it was the ninth inning and Trevor Hoffman had two outs and up 2-1 so things looked great right? Wrong! In a matter of minutes Paul Konerko hit a single, Troy Glaus hit a ground rule double and Michael Young hit a triple and the American League was up 3-2. Then they bring in Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the ninth and it’s a done deal. It is an ugly thing right now for the National League and unless the Mets really step up there is no chance in H#LL that a National League team can win the World Series.

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