September 20, 2021

New York Knuckleheads

Larry BrownThe saga continues with the New York Knicks and Larry Brown and it probably won’t subside for quite some time.  As we all know by now, he was fired yesterday and replaced by Isiah Thomas after a 29-53 record in his first year with the Knicks.  New York had a payroll of close to $125 million yet there team was full of has-beens and washed-up rejects.  The Knicks have also stated they will not pay the $40 million remaining on Brown’s contract because they fired him due to just-cause.  Knicks management feels strongly they will win because Brown supposively didn’t hold up his end of the contract in many ways.  My, my, my, this is going to get real ugly and then we can look forward to an even uglier Knicks season this coming year! 

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