October 16, 2021

Duke Athletics Gets Another Black Eye

I literally had no idea this was possible and can we please stop the madness soon?  The issues began with the ongoing fiasco of Duke lacrosse and the now infamous exotic dancers screaming rape to JJ Redick receiving a DUI because he turned away from a police checkpoint.  This time it has happened at the very top with the family of athletic director Joe Alleva.  Joe Alleva was out boating with his son JD Alleva this past Friday when a major accident occurred causing Joe a head injury that needed 42 stitches.  His son was charged in the wreck and refused a breath and blood sample, but three different officers smelled alchohol on the son.  Joe Alleva is down playing the entire incident saying it was a minor accident in hopes I’m sure this will just blow over. I am no saint so I’m not casting stones rather trying to point out where the problem lies here. There has been more issues with alchohol in three months for Duke athletics to last a lifetime and now this with the Duke athletic director and his family. You lead by example, bottom line.

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