September 29, 2023

Cyclist Mishap Causes Domino Effect

Check out the video clip below and really watch how some of the guys literally fly through the air!’s Dumb A$$ of the Week Award's Dumb A$$ of the Week Award
Is there any question at all about who should receive the award this week? It is none other than Floyd “My testerone is high due to alcohol consumption” Landis. I really wanted to believe this guy because of how impressed I was with his performance in the Tour De France, but when he blamed the failed test on alcohol I knew he was in trouble.  The second test failed this past Saturday and he has now been fired from Team Phonak, put on probation and will no longer be recognized as the winner of the most prestigious event in cycling.  WAY TO GO FLOYD!

Landis Lying?

Floyd LandisIt is being reported that some of the testerone found in the urine of Floyd Landis is synthetic and not naturally produced like he has been claiming since this story broke. The second test should be released this Saturday and will be the final determination on whether he cheated the system during the Tour de France. Landis was at one time a wonderful story, but now no matter the outcome it has been tarnished for eternity! 🙁

American Dominance Continues at Tour De France

Floyd LandisOnce Lance Armstrong retired it was pretty much a given that the American reign at the Tour De France would end. Floyd Landis obviously didn’t agree with this notion and yesterday extended the American dominance at the Tour to eight years. Landis has an arthritic hip that will be replaced very soon yet he won the grueling race based on his undying determination. Landis was pretty much left for dead earlier in the week when he fell roughly eight minutes behind after Stage 16 in the Alps. Then the very next day Landis miraculously went out and won Stage 17 and closed the deficit to just thirty seconds. The rest is history and Floyd Landis deserves major credit for a jobe well done.