September 27, 2021

The Packers Season Is Over Before It Even Begins

Green Bay Packers cheeseheads

We are over a month into the Brett Favre fiasco and it still hasn’t been resolved. There has been tons of finger pointing and name calling and in the end no one will ever know who was telling the truth and who wasn’t. The one sure thing is Favre won’t be in a Green Bay uniform this year and that is what Green Bay management wanted from the beginning. The Packers brass are trying to work out a deal now with either Tampa Bay, the New York Jets or the San Jose Sabercats of the Arena Football League đŸ˜‰ to send Favre packing. They have decided Aaron Rodgers is their starting quarterback and I think that is why their season is officially done. I would argue the pressure on Rodgers is more than any other quarterback has ever faced in the NFL due to how popular Favre has been and still is in Green Bay. It will take one or two interceptions in the first game of the year and the fans will be calling for Rodger’s head. Let’s not forget that earlier this week there were tons of fans at practice yelling for Favre to come back and booing his replacement. Finally, there has to be a lot of players on the team who remember just last year Favre finishing second in the MVP race and missed making the Super Bowl by mere seconds. You take the pressure on Rodgers along with fans ready for mutiny and mix in a separated locker room and you have what I think is a recipe for disaster. The Packers will not make the playoffs and better yet will not finish better than .500


  1. frankbruno says

    Aaron Rodgers can’t throw effectively past 10 yards which is going to be such a waste with great down field receivers like Jennings, Lee and Driver. I have to agree with you because the Packers have made a huge mistake.

  2. The NFC is still weak overall and I see the Packers getting in the playoffs due to their defense and Ryan Grant.

  3. ballbuster says

    Packers fans are crazy about Green Bay???? Oh, I guess that is why the chick in the picture is wearin a cheese bra.

  4. Ryan Grant? That is the player who will take GB to the promised land?

    WOW.. I am not anti-packer.. and he had a phenominal 2nd half but.. we have not seen the guy play without a Hall of Fame gunslinger stretching the field..

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