October 24, 2021

Favre Fever

Brett Favre

It’s early July which means NFL traning camp is just around the corner. This also means it’s time for the Brett Favre is returning to the Packers rumors to start flying. Chris Mortensen has reported Favre has been in touch with head coach Mike McCarthy informing him he still has the “itch” to play. The story went on to state that even Favre’s family is encouraging him to return. This news in conjunction with Brett’s old teammate Al Harris stating on ESPN radio yesterday that Favre has also informed him he has the “itch”. Based on these stories all indications appear Favre is coming back right? Well, not so fast my friend. The Mississippi’s Sun Herald newspaper contacted Favre and the reports are “all rumor.” Hmmm, someone isn’t telling the whole story it appears. I think this is only the beginning to what will be a soap opera summer in Green Bay, Wisconsin.



  1. ballbuster says

    I am so sick of this shit! Brett needs to wake up and realize how this impacts the team each year when he pulls this crap. Stay retired.

  2. This guy is a living legend and should be allowed to change his mind. The Packers are immediately a contender again if he comes back to the team.

  3. What the hell does Stonceold do now that he has Favre on his fantasy FB team. I say mark him as a keeper..

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