October 27, 2021

Langston Victorious

Keith Langston

Keith “Sippi” Langston continued his strangle hold on the Pure Stock series at Orange County Speedway with a victory this past weekend. Langston was quite confident heading into the race after winning the pole for the race. The race was never really in question and the win extends Langston of Mississippi Motorsports to over 30 points ahead of the racer in second for the points race. It is already been an incredible year for Langston and big things could be just around the corner.



  1. Nice work Sippi!! I am very happy for your success.

  2. dexineffex says

    Way to go Sippi!!!

    What ya gotta say now Toothy? Were you there? Were you one of the suckas he beat down in the race? Were you serving lemonade in the grandstands? Were you trying to get Sippi’s autograph?

    What’s the matter, cat got your tongue??

  3. Thanks fellas for all the support…..I will be headed to South Boston Speedway this weekend for twin races, Maybe we can pull off a win up there.

  4. Pull off a win at South Boston. Plllleeeaaaaazzzz.

  5. I think your comments are out of line toothy. Do you actually race or are you some beer swilling buffoon that thinks he is good at everything, but in all reality is only good at picking his nose and talking stupid shit out the side of his mouth each day before you pathetically pass out in your own puke? Show yourself in one way or another.

  6. Toothy.. be annonymous all you want cus really I dont care who you are.. its not that i would ever invite you to eat at a Waffle House with me so comment on other things so we can see how well rounded you are on sports.

  7. Toothy I’ll have my sharpie at SOBO come on down. I’ll fix you up!

  8. He can’t read Sippi

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