January 23, 2022

Speed Stacking Rocks

Has anyone ever heard of the sport speed stacking? I hadn’t until a special on E:60 a couple of weeks ago and now I find myself searching for footage on it all the time. Check out this video clip of a younng speed stacker in action. It makes me dizzy just to watch the video clip!



  1. This is right up there with Speed dating, Eating Contests and womens field hockey.
    BTW: anything with the word ‘speed’ attached to it means that it needs that word to even consider it as something to watch.

    would you watch just ‘Stacking”? or “Skating” or here is a good one for all you druggies.. Speed Balling.. yeahhhh you likeee dont you.. if it was just Balling I think you guys wouldn’t find it too appealing unless you were that guy doing it.

    I rest my case.

  2. ballbuster says

    If I’m not mistaken a lot of people do watch skating Bruins1.

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