October 24, 2021

ESPN Radio Host Gets Booted

Mark Madden

Mark Madden no longers works for ESPN radio 1250 in Pittsburgh after recent controversial remarks he made on the radio. Madden last week stated, “I’m very disappointed to hear that Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is near death because of a brain tumor. I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated.” My goodness Mr. Madden! Why is it not surprising to me you use to be an announcer for WCW??? (World Class Wrestling) I would like hear the context of the discussion to even try and fathom where you were going with your statement, but it couldn’t have been good. I hope you enjoy your time off kid because you certainly deserve it.


  1. He will be back on with a Wichita sports radio station before you know it.

  2. he got what he deserved.
    This is why guys like Jim Rome, Colin Cowherd etc.. have staying power in this medium. They stay on track with Sports and mix in a little oddity now and then.. Its the guys who rolls into the office probably with a hang over unprepared with any intersting discussion points and with a chip on their shoulder thinking that the only way to keep an audience is to shock them with their ridiculous comments. Have fun in Sioux Falls you moron I heard there is a ribbon cutting at the new Wal Mart.

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